Body Pressure Mapping

Body Pressure Mapping

Tekscan's Bedding, Seating, Positioning and Cushioning Solutions pinpoint anatomical locations and areas of high pressure to readily identify those areas requiring pressure relief. They can be found in clinical and research settings worldwide, to identify high pressures, areas of potential discomfort and areas at risk for potential ulcerations.

Pressure Offloading Applications

  • Validate cushion selection and adjustments
  • Aid in identification of unseen asymmetries and pelvic obliquities
  • Identify pressure on high risk areas
  • Monitor the progression and treatment of wound ulceration
  • Pre- and post-surgical evaluations
  • Evaluate areas of patient discomfort
  • Screen for and monitor treatment of pressure sores, ulcers, and wounds
  • Optimize bedding solutions

The CONFORMat™ seating and positioning system provides accurate, real-time information on pressure distribution and Center of Force (CoF) trajectory that helps providers develop an optimal seating and positioning system for each individual patient. The unique, truly flexible design makes the CONFORMat the most advanced pressure mapping system available for seat and back analysis.

CONFORMat Features and Benefits

  • Portable, lightweight sensor is easy to move
  • 2,000+ sensing elements provide accurate, high-resolution readings
  • Helps optimize cushion selection and custom seating development
  • Provides justification and documentation for treatment decisions
  • Engages patients with vivid color display and provides them with clear, visual feedback
  • Aids in identification of unseen asymmetries and pelvic obliquities Provides accurate data for answering research hypotheses or development questions

The Body Pressure Measurement System (BPMS™) is a powerful and versatile pressure measurement and positioning tool. It provides accurate and reliable pressure readings, enabling clinicians and researchers to optimize seating, bedding, cushioning, and positioning solutions. The ultra-thin and flexible pressure mapping matrix pinpoints anatomical structures that cause concentrated pressures, showing the user where pressure needs to be relieved.

BPMS Features & Benefits

  • Captures precise measurement of location and magnitude of peak pressures without altering the support surface characteristics
  • Objective data to help reduce the incidence of ulceration, tissue deterioration, and speed healing of existing pressure sores, ulcers, and wounds
  • Aides in the scientific selection of cushions and positioning
  • Provides tangible, visible biofeedback for the client
  • Helps improve documentation and communication with the quantitative results
  • Multiple configurations available - BPMS offers the right solution for any size support surface
  • Scanning speed up to 100 Hz