Tekscan - Pressure Mapping and Measurements Systems

Tekscan - Pressure Mapping and Measurements Systems

By analyzing movements, forces and plantar pressure exerted by lower extremities, you are presented with objective data that visual assessments cannot provide. Tekscan empowers researchers/clinicians to easily detect asymmetries, develop injury prevention protocols, and optimize sports performance with a host of solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Tekscan offers distinctive solutions for performing meaningful Pressure Analysis:

  • Platform-based walkways
  • In-shoe-based systems.
  • Whole Body, Seating, Positioning and Cushioning Solutions pinpoint anatomical locations and areas of high pressure to readily identify those areas requiring pressure relief.

Perform comprehensive gait analysis with Tekscan's pressure measurement systems.

Tekscan systems provide objective, quantifiable data from heel contact to toe off during the full gait cycle. Unique insights from these systems help you identify asymmetries and abnormalities which otherwise might go undetected.

There are three primary pivots in gait: the heel pivot, the ankle pivot, and the forefoot pivot.

Tekscan's 3-Box approach allows you to segment the foot for a more detailed analysis of these three primary pivots of gait. The Gait Curve shows total vertical ground reaction force from heel strike to toe-off.

The Force vs. Time graphs for the forefoot and heel provide for specific loading patterns during heel contact and forefoot contact, independent of and in conjunction with the Gait Curve.