Tekscan - Pressure Mapping and Measurements Systems

By analyzing movements, forces and plantar pressure exerted by lower extremities, you are presented with objective data that visual assessments cannot provide. Tekscan empowers researchers/clinicians to easily detect asymmetries, develop injury prevention protocols, and optimize sports performance with a host of solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Gaitrite Systems

The Gold Standard GAITRite® is a truly portable single layer pressure sensitive walkway measuring temporal and spatial parameters and providing easy identification of gait anomalies.  Our robust proprietary software records and analyzes multiple gait cycles in a single walk and offers easy reporting and web publishing options to document current conditions and track recovery & rehabilitation.

VICON Motion Capture

Vicon offers a complete range of products to meet your motion tracking needs - from the practicality of 2D video analysis through to the high accuracy of the 3D digital optical systems seamlessly integrated with video. A range of cameras provide the perfect solution whether for indoor or outdoor application

Physiosensing Balance Assessment

The System utilizes a 40 x 40 cm portable pressure plate with 1600 sensors to measure center of gravity position and postural control and evaluate natural load distribution. It objectively assesses patients performing tasks essential to daily living. The objective data aids the clinician in effective treatment planning decisions.

Synapsys - Video Nystagmography

A complete range of video Nystagmography & oculomotor reflex testing systems. Tracking eye movement with IR goggles and analyzing the results with an excellent software has never been so easy.

Roboptics - The uFrenzel Video Goggles

The μFrenzel® Video Goggles - Medical are the first affordable vertigo diagnostic equipment available in the market. The μFrenzel® Video Goggles - Medical allows precise, real-time visualization of eye movements in the absence of visual fixation (total darkness).

Ergoneers – Solutions for Behavioural Research

With the appropriate software and hardware solutions, we help to understand human behaviour. Dynamic industries in particular, such as the automotive and retail industries, research institutes or, more generally, modern market research benefit from our products.  Dikablis Eye Tracking System, for high-precision analysis of gaze behaviour, D-Lab Software and a host of third party hardware allows you to customise your study

AMTI Biomechanical Force Platforms

AMTI's six-axis biomechanics products with their excellent performance and long-term durability are the worldwide standard in gait and biomechanics laboratories All these force plates, force sensors, and instrumented equipment have been specifically engineered for biomechanical applications and provide unparalleled accuracy in recording forces and movements.