VICON Motion Capture

Motion Capture at its best.

Vicon has a range of cameras and software solutions to suit all your requirements and budget. You can choose from a simple basic start-up configuration right up to the most sophisticated state-of art motion capture system.

The Vantage Series Cameras provide unmatched resolution and accuracy. Available in 5,8 or 16 Megapixels with a maximum of 2000 FPS, these cameras give you the highest resolution and accuracy. With an option for outdoor capture as well, these cameras provides a full frame true electronic global shutter ensuring you get the best outdoor quality data.

The Vero Series Cameras: With the best resolution/speed/price offering on the market, Vicon Vero is the latest optical camera from Vicon. Building on the success of Vantage, Vero combined market-leading resolution and speed at an unrivaled price point. Like its bigger brother, Vantage, Vero has on-board sensors that monitor camera position and temperature to ensure optimal performance at all times.

In addition, Vicon Vue is the industry’s only high definition fully synchronized high resolution video camera that does not sacrifice speed for clarity. With full HD resolution, Vicon Vue brings the sharpest video image into your motion capture volume.the Vue is Vicon’s next generation camera, combining size, power, and price performance into one amazing solution..


The most powerful inertial sensor in its class. The Vicon’s Blue Trident is our newest life sciences wearable IMU.

Blue Trident is lightweight, easy to use, flexible and reliable.

  • 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit: ±16g low-g accelerometer
  • Gyroscope Magnetometer
  • 3-axis ±200g high-g accelerometer

Nexus is the most powerful all-inclusive modeling and processing tool for movement analysis on the market. Created specifically for the whole life sciences community, Nexus delivers precise, repeatable data and clinically validated model outputs.

Nexus 2.10 seamlessly integrates with Vicon’s market-leading IMU, Blue Trident.

  • Connect up to 18 sensors and benefit from capturing data from our IMUs
  • We are the only motion capture company to offer hard sync, via our Beacon hardware, allowing inertial data to be precisely aligned to the optical world – along with soft sync.

Connecting Blue Trident into Nexus is simple and fast using an intuitive workflow and, more importantly, with Bluetooth 5 technology the connection is both robust and has great range

You can now stream and collect global angular outputs described in three-dimensional orientation and rotation from our IMUs in quaternion format within Nexus.

BodyBuilder designed specifically to make the implementation of biomechanical models quick and easy, Polygon for reporting and presentation tools to communicate and share your data professionally, and a host of plug-in applications give you tremendous flexibility in configuring your system.

So whether it's to understand the gait cycle of a child, the swimming action of an Olympic athlete, or to capture the movement of a lobster - Vicon has a solution. All this put together with Vicons Software solutions provide for the best Motion Capture experience ever